Women’s Softball

Softball Sports Code
The Missouri Community College Athletic Conference (MCCAC) believes that
participation in athletics is an integral part of the educational experience for student athletes.
Therefore, it expects the highest standards of sportsmanship, integrity and
conduct of all individuals associated with the game of softball. In particular, the
standards are especially stringent for coaches and umpires, who are at once role models,
authority figures and representatives of intercollegiate athletics and the game of softball
A. Participants shall recognize their responsibility for proper conduct at any
tournament, contest or event sponsored by the MCCAC or its member colleges.
B. Coaches shall recognize and assume responsibility for the actions of
themselves and their team members. Each coach who has participants
competing in the event, shall be responsible for informing each member of the
A. Sportsmanship
Certain standards of behavior are expected of all student-athletes and team
Personnel participating in any MCCAC event. Student-athletes are guests at
any event, their participation is a privilege not a right. Sportsmanship and
citizenship are modes of conduct that promote and develop respect for fellow
participants, coaches, and teammates. That respect should also be reflected in
each student-athletes behavior toward officials and spectators. Every individual
participating in any MCCAC event must abide by the following:
1. Behavior Rules
* Violent Behavior – Acts of violence or flagrant acts during or related
to an athletic contest are not permitted. A violent act is one in which
physical contact or an attempt to make physical contact occurs, the
purpose of which is to damage, harm, intimidate, or otherwise injure
a person or property.
* Non-Violent Unsportsmanlike Behavior – Non-violent
unsportsmanlike behavior during or related to any MCCAC event
is prohibited. This behavior includes profanity, vulgar gestures, trash
and loud or abusive language directed at players, coaches, contest
officials and/or spectators.
B. Alcohol/Drugs
The use of alcohol/drugs at any MCCAC sponsored event is prohibited. Any
game official having reasonable cause to believe a student athlete, coach, team
official, or other individual participating in an athletic event is using or is
sufficiently impaired so as to endanger that individual or other individuals
participating in said event by virtue of injury, use of alcohol, or drugs (including
but not limited to performance enhancing or pain killing drugs) may remove or
disqualify said individual from further participation in the sporting event.
C. Tobacco
The use of all tobacco products shall be prohibited in all practices and athletic
events conducted under the auspices of the MCCAC and its member institutions.
This rule shall apply equally to all student-athletes, coaches, authorized team
personnel and other individuals participating in an athletic event.
NOTE: MCCAC Softball adheres to all NJCAA rules of play and sportsmanship
policies. Please refer to the NJCAA manual for more detailed information.
Coaches are expected to be leaders and must comply with the following principles
and ethics:
a. Develop and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of current MCCAC
& NJCAA softball rules.
b. See that their players are legally equipped and properly attired for
competition and practices.
c. Confine discussion with the game officials to the interpretation of the rules.
d. Honor all game contracts and play through all tournament brackets as
e. Comply wholeheartedly with the spirit and intent of the rules. The
deliberate teaching of players to violate the rules is indefensible.
f. Teach their players to respect the dignity and integrity of the game,
opponents, officials, spectators and the institutions they represent.
g. Prohibit team personnel from using profanity or making personal or
malicious remarks toward opponents, officials and spectators.
h. Refrain from any personal action that might arouse players or spectators to
unsportsmanlike behavior
i. Be in control of their players at all times in order to prevent any
unsportsmanlike act toward opponents, officials, or spectators.
j. Seek help from the on-site administrator or other appropriate individuals in
controlling unruly students and spectators.
k. Be courteous and display a dignified attitude toward the game and its
Umpires are expected to uphold the integrity of the game and enforce its rules by
observing the following guidelines of ethics and professionalism:
a. Develop and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of current MCCAC
Softball rules and umpire mechanics.
b. Be fair and unbiased in making decisions, rendering them without regard to
the score or the quality of the play on the field.
c. Honor all assignments and contract.
d. Refrain from use of tobacco and alcohol on site.
e. When in uniform or on-site, do not fraternize with players, coaches and/or
f. Cooperate with your partner(s) to arrive at decisions that are ultimately
correct and fair.
g. Listen to a coach’s concerns and respond in a professional manner.
h. Refrain from sharing information that might be used by a team’s future
i. Seek help from the on-site administrator or other appropriate individuals in
controlling unruly students and spectators.
j. Be courteous and display a dignified attitude toward the game and its
A. Division I and Division II teams will play one double header against each other
during the season. The home team will rotate annually. There will be a double
round robin scheduled between teams in the same division. A home and home
format will be used.
A. Teams
1. There will be a “Team Sportsmanship Award” given annually, to the
conference team displaying the highest level of sportsmanship. One
vote will be cast by each coach. Coaches may not vote for their own
A certificate will be awarded to the President of the winning institution.
2. The team with the best conference record will be recognized as
“Conference Champion”. In the event of a tie, head to head competition
will determine the winner. If a tie still remains, both teams will be
declared “Co-Champions”.
B. Individuals
1. One all-conference team and on Honorable Mention team will be
selected by a vote of participating coaches.
2. Coaches will nominate deserving players from their respective teams.
Ballots will then be distributed to all coaches.
3. Coaches will vote for 15 players and place a value on their vote. (15
being the highest and 1 being the lowest.) Coaches may not vote for
players on their own team.
4. The top 15 vote recipients will receive an award and be recognized as All-
MCCAC players at the Conference Round-Up at the end of the
conference schedule. All other players receiving a vote will be
recognized as MCCAC Honorable Mention.
5. Coaches will also cast a vote for “Coach of the Year” honors. All
participating coaches are eligible. Coaches may not vote for themselves.