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History of the Conference


The Missouri Community College Athletic Conference (MCCAC) awarded its first conference championships in men’s basketball and men’s baseball in 1968 and was named the Midwest Junior College Athletic Conference (MJCAC).  Since then the conference has gone through two name changes. The name was changed to the Midwest Community College Athletic Conference in the 1980’s to reflect the growing trend in changing names of junior colleges to community colleges.  In 2014, the name was altered to reflect the conference schools all being from Missouri.  Charter members included: St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, St. Louis Community College- Forest Park, St. Louis Community College- Meramec, Three Rivers Community College, and Mineral Area College. In 1973, East Central College and Jefferson College joined the MCCAC followed by Belleville Area College (now Southwestern Illinois College), Lewis and Clark Community College and St. Charles Community College. Shawnee Community College joined the conference in the 2010-11 academic year.

Drastic budget cuts in 2011 faced by all colleges led to the consolidation of the St.Louis Community College athletic departments into one athletic program. During this same academic year, Shawnee Community College and Lewis & Clark Community College dropped out of the MCCAC due to scheduling commitments to NJCAA Region 24.

In 2012-13 State Fair Community College became the newest member of the MCCAC. The addition of State Fair helped keep the conference viable and allowed men’s basketball to remain as a conference sponsored sport. Missouri State University West Plains joined in 2015-16 and Moberly Area Community College became the ninth member of the conference in 2016-17.

Current sports sponsored by the MCCAC include men’s and women’s basketball, men’s soccer, softball, baseball, and women’s volleyball. Some of the institutions have sponsored other sports in the past, but have discontinued programs due to budgetary constraints.

Past presidents of MCCAC include:

William L. Miller, St. Louis Community College- Florissant Valley (NATYCAA Hall of Fame award named in honor of service)

Lea Plarksi- St. Louis Community College- Florissant Valley (NJCAA Award named in honor of service)

Harold Oetting- Jefferson College (MCCAC Academic Award named in honor of service)

Bob Bottger- St. Louis Community College- Meramec

MCCAC Awards

The Harold Oetting All-Sports Award:

Each academic year, the MCCAC Conference awards the Harold Oetting All-Sports Award to the conference athletic department with the highest overall grade point average. The award is named after the long time basketball coach, baseball coach and athletic director at Jefferson College.

Conference Champions and All- Conference Teams

Each conference sponsored sport: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, softball, and baseball awards a conference championship to the team with the best conference record each season. Each sport has its own sport code to determine the conference championship rules and tiebreakers. The coaches select a predetermined number of All-Conference student athletes in each sport as well.

National Awards

The Lea Plarski Award

The NJCAA awards the Lea Plarski Award, named after former STLCC-Florissant Valley coach and athletic director, to a junior college student-athlete who exemplifies sportsmanship, leadership, community service, academic excellence and athletic ability. Presented at the end of each academic year, this is the most prestigious honor presented to an NJCAA student athlete.

The William L. Miller Award

The National Alliance of Two Year College Athletic Administrators (NATYCAA) presents the award to the athletic administrator who has made a lasting contribution to the advancement of two year colleges (NJCAA, NWACC, California State Association) over the course of his/her career.

Professional Athletes Produced by the MCCAC

Major League Baseball- MLB

National Basketball Association-NBA

Major League Soccer / North American Soccer League – MLS/NASL

  • Tim Lollar- Mineral Area College-Men’s Baseball- MLB
  • Russ Schoene- Mineral Area College- Men’s Basketball-NBA
  • Sonny Parker, Mineral Area College- Men’s Basketball- NBA
  • Nickardo Blake- East Central- Men’s Soccer- MLS/NASL
  • Lionel Brown- East Central- Men’s Soccer- NASL
  • Steve Colyer- STLCC-Meramec- Men’s Baseball-MLB
  • David Freese-STLCC-Meramec-Men’ Baseball- MLB
  • Matt Pickens – STLCC-Meramec-Men’s Soccer- MLS
  • Cliff Politte- Jefferson College, Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Mark Buerhle- Jefferson College, Men’s Baseball- MLB
  • Mike Henneman-Jefferson College, Men’s Baseball-MLB
  • Joe Boever- STLCC – Meramec, Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Tom Henke- East Central, Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Omir Santos- East Central, Men’s Baseball- MLB
  • TJ Matthews – STLCC-Meramec – MLB
  • Jason Isringhausen- Lewis & Clark- Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Latrell Sprewell – Three Rivers – Men’s Basketball- NBA
  • Steve Ralston – STLCC -Forest Park, Men’s Soccer- MLS
  • Tom Redmond – STLCC -Meramec, Men’s Soccer – NASL
  • Denny Vanniger- STLCC- Florissant Valley-NASL
  • Steve Pecher – STLCC- Florisant Valley- NASL
  • Josh Outman- STLCC Forest Park –Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Dennis Tankersley- STLCC- Meramec – Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Bert Green- STLCC- Meramec – Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Donnie Wall- STLCC- Meramec – Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Lonnie Maclin- STLCC- Meramec – Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Scott Bailes- STLCC- Meramec – Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Neil Fiala- STLCC- Meramec – Men’s Baseball – MLB
  • Vicki Schneider- STLCC-Meramec- Professional Softball
  • Kirk Moser- Lewis & Clark- Men’ Soccer- NPSL
  • Jeff Sendobry- STLCC-Florissant Valley- Men’s Soccer-MISL
  • Paul Turin- STLCC-Meramec- Men’s Soccer-MISL
  • Dan Musenfechter- STLCC-Florissant Valley-Men’s Soccer-MISL
  • Scott Little- Mineral Area College-Men’s Baseball-MLB
  • Steve Bieser- Mineral Area College-Men’ Baseball-MLB


Participants in the Pan-Am Games

  • Mindy Jenkins – STLCC- Meramec – Women’s Softball

Olympians Produced by the MCCAC

  • Jeff Hartwig – STLCC-Florissant Valley – Track & Field

MCCAC National Lea Plarski Award Recipient

  • Sarah Wood – STLCC-Meramec – Women’s Soccer

NATYCAA Female Scholar Athlete of the Year

Brooke Brenton-East Central- Women’s Softball