Women’s Soccer


1. The Midwest Community College Athletic Conference will adhere to all NJCAA rules and regulations. Any playing rules not stated in the NJCAA manual will refer to NCAA rules of play.

2. All NJCAA like division conference teams will play each other two times per season. The first game played between the two teams will count as the region game and the second game will count as the conference game.

The DII teams will play DI & DIII teams only once for conference standings. If a second game is played between teams not from the same division, then a conference designation must be placed on the scheduled conference game in Presto Sports and the college athletic website. Games played against non-like divisions will count double in the conference standings.
1) Unlimited substitutions apply with no stoppage of game clock.
2) Playing squads are not limited until national tournament play starting with district play.
3) Any player receiving a yellow card (caution) must leave the game for a
substitute. A return to the game may occur at the next legal substitution
All tie conference games at the end of regulation in will go to overtime. Overtimes will consist of two 10 minute periods with the “Golden Goal” rule (The first team to score wins). If the game is tied after two 10-minute overtimes the game will result in a tie.
2. All coaches and players will adhere to the “No Tolerance” rule for foul and abusive language. Offenses will result in a game ejection with a subsequent game suspension.
3. Any act of violence/fighting will be dealt with according to NJCAA rules. First red card offense for violence/fighting is a game ejection and a two game suspension. The second red card offense for violence/ fighting is a game ejection and immediate suspension for the remainder of the season (See NJCAA sportsmanship rules about reporting).
4. SPORTSMANSHIP is strongly encouraged. Understanding the integrity of the game and promoting that victory has no value if achieved unfairly. (See MCCAC Sportsmanship Code). A “Team Sportsmanship Award” will given annually. Coaches will vote at the end of the season.
5. RESPECT for opponents, teammates, officials, and spectators should occur at all times on the playing field.
6. ALL –CONFERENCE TEAM selections will consist of 11 players on the first team and 11 players on the 2nd Team. “Coach of the Year” will go to the Conference Champion.
Men’s Soccer All-Conference Selection Proposal- Total of 22 players (11-1st Team, 11-2nd Team).
Head coach names own players to all-conference team based on place finish in the conference. In case of a tie in place, the conference tie breakers for conference champions will be taken into consideration. This will reduce nomination procedure and give the best players from each team representation.

MCCAC Conference Tie Breakers
a.)head to head completion b.)goal differential

1st Place Team
4- 1st Team, 3- 2nd Team

2nd Place Team
3- 1st Team, 3-2nd Team

3rd Place Team
2- 1st Team, 3- 2nd Team

4th Place Team
2-1st Team, 2- 2nd Team

7. TIE BREAKERS for the conference championship will go to head to head competition first. Secondly, goal differential in head to head games will be used determine a champion. If this doesn’t constitute a clear champion, then co-champions will be awarded.
8. SCHEDULING of games will conducted by the conference coaches. All cancelled games should be made up within the agreed date of the two coaches.
9. CONFERENCE GAMES- If teams play twice in the regular season only the second game will count towards conference standings.
10. A CONFERENCE ASSIGNOR will be designated to assign officials to all conference competitions as agreed upon prior to the start of the season.
11. A RAIN DATE of the Monday before regional play should be reserved in all game schedules to make up conference games.
12. Alcohol and drug usage will not be tolerated during NJCAA competitions.
(See NJCAA Manual).

Updated 6/20/19