Men’s Baseball

MCCAC Baseball Sport Code

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  1. RULES-Official NJCAA and NCAA rules and regulations will govern play unless specifically over-ridden by the MCCAC bylaws.
  2. SCHEDULING– It is the responsibility of MCCAC liaison for baseball to schedule all conference games.
  3. OFFICIALS-The MCCAC employs an assignment coordinator as agreed upon by the Conference coaches. It is the responsibility of the Officials Coordinator to supply highly qualified referees for every MCCAC conference game. A fee structure for officials will be negotiated and determined.
  4. DETERMINING THE CONFERENCE CHAMPION– The highest winning percentage will determine the champion. Teams that share the highest winning percentage will be awarded co-champion status. To receive consideration for the conference championship a team must complete at least 85% of all scheduled MCCAC games.
  5. CONFERENCE BALL-The MCCAC will use a exclusive ball for all MCCAC conference games. The brand of the ball will be determined by a majority vote of the conference coaches.
  6. ALL CONFERENCE TEAM– The All Conference Team will be determined by a coach’s vote. Those procedures are as follows: A)Each coach will nominate the players they wish to be considered. There is no limit on the number of players that can be nominated. B)Each coach will then complete a blind ballot and vote for the 15 players he believes to be worthy. Select and rank players on the ballot from 15 to 1, with 15 being the player you feel is the best in the conference. The points will tabulated, the 15 players with the highest point totals from the ballot will earn First Team All Conference and a plaque. The second 15 players with point totals will earn Second Team All Conference and a certificate. A coach may not vote for the players that he nominated.
  7. SPORTSMANSHIP-The MCCAC Baseball Conference adheres to all NJCAA rules of play and sportsmanship policies. Please refer to the NJCAA manual for more detailed information.