Constitution & Bylaws


MCCAC Constitution & Bylaws


Revised 12/6/2023

We, the undersigned, hereby establish the Missouri Community College Athletics Conference.

  1. Purpose. It is the purpose of the Conference to promote and to develop wholesome participation in a full range of intercollegiate athletic activities for men and women.
  2. Membership. Membership in the Missouri Community College Athletics Conference is contingent upon membership in the National Junior College Athletic Association.

A community college may apply for membership in the Missouri Community College Athletic Conference by submitting a request at least four weeks prior to the winter meeting of the Conference Officers and Board of Directors. Membership in the Conference is obtained by the ratification of a majority of the Conference schools.

III. Governance. The conference will be governed by a Board of Directors and Officers. The Officers will consist of the Athletics Directors and/or designated representative of each member school.

  1. Each member school shall have one vote.
  2. The Board of Directors shall be appointed by officers and hold terms as deemed fit by the current officers.

1) The Board of shall oversee and approve financial transactions and review annual report/financial statements of the conference.

2) The Board of Directors will review and approve By-Law changes.

3) Approval of new officers- President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary

4) Mediator for disputes among members/officers

5) Attend all possible yearly scheduled meetings


  1. The officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Election of officers will be held every third year at the fall meeting. Each of the four offices shall be held by an Athletic Director.
  2. The term of office for all elected officials shall be three years from the date of election. The election shall occur with nominations and votes by athletic directors from member institutions. A voting ballot shall be used to make sure all voting remains confidential and recorded by the conference secretary and one non-officer member.
  3. If any officer cannot complete his/her duties, a member shall be elected at the next meeting to fill the office. The Vice President will fulfill the duties of President.
  4. Duties of Officer
  5. The President shall be paid a $750 annual stipend starting the 2018-19 Academic year.


Shall call and preside at all meetings of the Conference and fill other customary obligations of the office.

  • Shall serve as a resource person in matters related to questions of eligibility and/or problems related to ethical practices by member schools and staff.
  • Shall receive protests and grievances and establish procedures for adjudication.
  • Shall initiate written communication with chief executive officers of member schools in matters of rule violations specific to the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • In concert with the Board of Directors, shall establish the award system for Conference championships..

    Vice President
  • Shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Shall complete the unexpired term of the President, if such should become necessary.
  • Shall be responsible for the awarding and maintenance of the Harold Oetting Academic Sports


  • Shall keep and distribute minutes of all meetings.
  • Shall update and maintain the constitution and by-laws.
  • Shall distribute conference “Sportsmanship Award” in each individual sport.


  • Shall keep fiscal records of the organization.
  • Shall receive and disburse conference funds.
  • Shall fill other customary obligations of the office.
  1. Other Conference positions of responsibility

Awards Coordinator

  • Shall secure and disburse Conference plaques, trophies, medals, and other awards. Starting 12/6/2023 each institution will be charged for their awards above their dues for individual 1st Team All-Conference recipients, Conference Champions and Conference Coach of the Year.
  1. Terms of Office. The terms of office for all elected officials shall be three years from the date of election. If any officer can not complete his/her term of office, a member shall be elected at the next meeting to fill the office. The Vice-President will fulfill the duties of the President.
  2. Meetings. The President of the Board of Directors shall call two regular meetings each year and may call other meetings as necessary. The following schedule will apply:

Winter – First Wednesday in December

Summer- 3rd week in June

  1. Dues. Financial management related to Conference activities is the responsibility of the Treasurer. Receipts take the form of annual dues and special assessments. Disbursements are primarily for purchase and dissemination of awards.
  2. Annual dues are assessed at $550.00 (starting 2023-24 academic year) and are payable by September 1st.
  3. When disbursements exceed either receipts or checking account balance, member schools will be assessed a pro rata share of the anticipated costs.
  4. Conference Championships.
  5. Men’s Sports: Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer.
  6. Women’s Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Soccer
  7. Additional Sports: Competition in additional sports necessitates participation by four (4) member schools. Declaration of intent to participate and approval of a sport are part of the business conducted at the annual winter meeting.

VII. Awards. The Officers are responsible for establishing the award system subject to annual revision as recommended by coaches and approved by the Board. When ties occur, duplicate awards will be provided. Institutions are not permitted to vote for their own players and/or coaches. (Refer to individual sport guidelines.)

VIII. Amendments to the Constitution. This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended if the amendment is requested four (4) weeks prior to a scheduled Conference meeting and if it receives a favorable vote by two-thirds of the Conference schools.

Amendment 1– Member schools wishing to leave the conference will be required to give one calendar year notice of leaving the conference. Penalty for leaving the conference will be an assessment of the following year’s dues as an assessment fee. ex. $550 ( updated 12/7/2022) membership fee will be paid to the conference.


The Missouri Community College Athletics Conference (MCCAC) uses the official rulebooks published by the NCAA and follows regulations established by the NJCAA for its member schools. The Conference develops sport codes that govern procedures specific to each sport in which Conference championships are competed.

Baseball –                Mike Overman, Mineral Area

W-Basketball –      Darren Pannier, State Fair

M-Basketball-       Mike Overman, Mineral Area

M-Soccer –             Jay Mehrhoff, East Central

W-Soccer-              Jay Mehrhoff, East Central

Softball –                Brian Bess, Three Rivers

Volleyball –            Rusty Laverentz, MSU-West Plains


Conference schedules will be distributed by the Chair of each sport. The official Conference

schedule will be the primary reference in case of questions or discrepancies on times, dates, etc.

(See attachments for master schedules and rotation guidelines).


In all Conference sports, institutions will play teams within their division two dates and teams out of their division one date. Baseball will play all like level conference institutions both home and away. Soccer will play each opponent once. Men’s basketball will play like teams division teams twice and one time against other divisions. If opposite division teams play, the first game in men’s basketball will count as the conference game. All results from all contests (DI/DII playing twice exception) will be calculated into conference standings. This by-law amendment will be revisited bi-annually in even years. Conference championships will be determined by the best winning percentage if teams play a different number of games.

  • Failure to play a scheduled Conference game will result in a loss for each scheduled game.
  • Teams will be required to play the full conference schedule in order to win the championship.
  • All make-up dates must take place before the start of Regional Championships. Note: In extreme circumstances, this rule may be waived by a vote of the President, Vice President, and Secretary.
  • Institutions do not have the option to count one game twice in the standings unless approved by Athletic Directors.


Resolution of disputes should be handled first between the coaches and Athletic Directors of the

schools involved in the dispute. The Conference President, Vice President, and Secretary will

resolve disputes that cannot otherwise be handled by the institutions involved in the dispute. If a

Conference officer is a representative from a member school involved in the dispute, the

Treasurer will assume that school’s role and representation. It will be the President’responsibility

to initiate the resolution of disputes immediately.


Scorers and Timers for home contests: It is the responsibility of the Athletic Director to hire

competent, responsible people.



National and Conference Rule on Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco:

When it is brought to the attention of a coach or Athletic Director that a player or coach has in his/her possession or is consuming alcohol, drugs or tobacco on the playing premises of any Conference athletic contest, a written report of the incident will be sent to the Conference President. The President will, in turn, submit a letter to the President or Chief Executive Office of that college with copy to the Athletic Director of that institution.


In the event of a tie for a team or individual championship, all teams or individuals tying for thechampionship will receive awards. During the NJCAA probationary period for violations neither any individual athlete involved in the violaton, nor the team(s) certified through the NJCAA electronic database in the subsequent(s) shall be eligible for MCCAC awards or honors.


All conference teams – details are described within each sport code.

Balloting Period. The Sport Chair is responsible for soliciting nominations and
conducting voting for post-season awards.

Coach-of-the-Year: A Coach-of-the-Year award will be presented for each
Conference sport.

  • Each coach will submit one name excluding his/her own. Coaches may not vote for a nominee

from their own institution. The name receiving the highest number of votes will be the Conference

Coach-of-the-Year for that particular sport. In the event of a tie, those involved in the tie will be

named Co-Coach-of-the-Year.

All-Conference Awards. Each sport will award the following number of All-
Conference Awards:

Volleyball 12

Basketball (M&W) 10 each

Soccer (M&W) 11 each

Baseball 15 *

Softball 15

*Fifteen All Conference awards, including at least one catcher, four infielders, three

outfielders, two pitchers, and one designated hitter.

  • Where ties occur in balloting for the 10, 12, or 15 awards in a sport, all student-athletes
    involved in ties will be given All-Conference honors. All other remaining student-athletes who
    receive votes will be designated 2nd Team All-Conference. With majority approval of the coaches
    present, a coach may request a student-athlete to be added to the 2nd Team All-Conference Team
    (one per institution). This individual must have been previously nominated.
  • Coaches may not vote for their own student-athletes.
  • A ” Sportsmanship Award” will be presented in each sport as voted by the coaches and distributed by the conference secretary.

Harold Oetting MCCAC Academic All-Sports Award.

  • Rules

1.) Include academic information for those athletes who participate in conference sports.
Utilize NJCAA eligibility standards with the following stipulations. For two semester
sports, utilize the second semester list. Students who quit or are put off the squad must
also be included.

2.) Only hours attempted at your institution are to be utilized. This includes those in which
a letter grade of F was issued. W’s are not to be included.

3.) ALL developmental hours, as well as ALL college credit level courses are included.

a.) In the case where a grade of P-R (progress re-enroll or P (pass) is earned it
will be the equivalent of 2.0.

b.) For non-developmental courses a grade of P is counted as 2.0.

c.) The grades of P-R, I and W earned in college level course work will not be

4.) This information is not calculated on best hours, but on all hours attempted.

5.) The entire academic history at your institution for each student athlete included must be